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Motion Designer





Hi! We're TwentyThree. We love video, and bend over backwards to build some marvellous digital bits and bobs that allow all of us to share the things we do best.

We're looking for a talented, motivated motion-design intern who loves nothing more than making beautiful things move.
If you’re someone who thrives on collaboration with a head full of ideas. If you excel at animating in 2D (and perhaps 3D), with a skilled knowledge of AE and love to work on a wide range of projects, styles and techniques within a super-talented studio team.

You should totally come work with us!

- Define a new studio. You get to be part of shaping our brand new design team.
- Central Copenhagen office. Our nice office is located right by the lakes, 3 minutes away from the train and Metro.
- Hands-on or remote. Get close to where it’s happening, or create magic from your local coffee shop.
- Food too! Lunch included (also vegetarian/vegan options), and all the drinks you can manage.
- Competitive salary. A fair salary structure, where everyone should feel treated OK.

This is a part- or full time role as part of our Copenhagen design team. We prefer to collaborate at the CPH studio, but it all comes down to the work you do, and not where you do it.



Remember to add your portfolio or some examples of your best work. Any questions, then let it all loose at ruben@twentythree.net