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Spøgelsesmaskinen is a digital art project by Danish artist Rune Brink Hansen. Rune has a long background as immersive designer and light artist, and is previously co-founder of Dark Matters and concept developer at Yoke Aps. Rune has been showcasing and exhibiting all over the world the last 20 years as a digital artist.

The Spøgelsesmaskinen project, explores our digital heritage trough dark eerie nostalgic pixelated works and after selling and exhibiting digitally over the last two years in the NFT world, the project is finally being exhibited in the physical world this year in November in Copenhagen.

I am looking to expand the workforce of the Spøgel project with a talented 3D designer intern, who want to play, explore and learn about the world of digital art, NFT, immersive installations etc. with me and help getting the exhibition in place in November. Among a lot of other interesting projects like music videos and collaborations with artists all over the world.

If you dont know my project already I encourage to check out:




Send me:

A short text about your motivations and inspirations to work on 3D and digital worlds.
Examples of your previous work
Links to projects/instagram etc.

Practical information on how long a period, hours per week etc.

to: rune@membran.xyz

Looking forward to hearing from you :)
Best Rune